12 Great New Features at Crystal Cruises

Grand Turk

While each line offers its own version of what sailing should be like, here are a some introduced by cruise guru Chris Owen in his latest article.

Free Digital Entertainment-
In addition to a well-stocked library of Blue Ray DVD video, logging in to the ship’s efficient intranet brings an assortment of current, complementary video, on demand. Guests can also view past guest lectures, visit the Crystal Cruises web site and more, without logging in to pay by the minute internet access.

Crystal Cruises Creative Learning Institute
aims to bring out the best in Crystal guests by promising them “the best instruction at sea”.  The integrated certificate program focuses on four centers of learning:

  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Business & Technology
  • Lifestyle
  • Wellness

Also available on demand: 
national and international newspapers, the ship’s daily Reflections newsletter, details on all shore excursions and a handy “Instant Guest Feedback” option that lets Crystal guests send comments to shipboard management in real time.

Read more about the latest unique features here: http://www.chriscruises.com/2014/09/unique-features-of-crystal-cruises/





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